Such a pain! #thestruggle

Exams Are Done

It feels so good to say those words. All my energy the past three weeks have just been on getting everything done, getting my workouts in and going to work, nothing else. Sadly, my poor little blog had to suffer because of it! I am going to start a queue back up tonight and try to break down some of the stuff I have been doing for the past few weeks!


Im so sorry! I haven’t updated you guys in a week!

This is going to have to be yet another quick update as while I am typing I am thinking of three other projects I need to get done! Ahh the life of a student! Anyways:

Lots of love and I hope you guys can keep up with your grind during these stressful times!


Bootcamp is finally starting

After like four weeks of false promises Bootcamp is starting! And to go with it the protein I have found that leaves me satisfied and not in pain. Veg essential is what I’m going to start with but I am probably also going to pick up some Bio X because it is a higher protein count and would be better post workout while veg essential would be meal replacement or post workout. I’m not going to be too hardcore about calories over the next couple of weeks but only if I get my six workouts a week in because of school projects just piling up. Sometimes I just need that comfort food!


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Yesterday was a super cheat day

I made it fourteen days with highly limited additional sugar in my diet and yesterday I ate every single cheat food I could dream of! Next few days are going to full of water and green tea as I pray my stomach doesn’t kill me for eating bad :(
Be back soon,


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The Hunt Is On!

I have started my hunt again for a protein powder that works for me! Kate, who works as a personal trainer at Goodlife also happens to being the manager over at Popeyes. She has given me a few samples of protein to try and see what will not make me sick after drinking it! One is vegetarian, on is gluten free one is dairy free and one is 99.9% dairy and gluten free. I am really excited to try them out over the next few days! Also I have two rest days coming up back to back because I am going to Ottawa for the weekend to celebrate my Aunts 80th birthday! I didn’t loose the extra five pounds I was hoping to but any ways! Life goes on and I am going to buy a new shirt for then today!

Lift heavy, run far, and refuel!